My name is Catherine Goll, and as a little girl I wanted a dog. We have carefully selected the breed when we decided to Irish terrier. When I was 11 years old, so we finally brought home a puppy, we have been waiting three quarters of the year. We purchased,, Anabel Horidó “from Částkov near by Uherské Hradiště. She grew into a beautiful and intelligent female, who has great results in shows and training center. Better founder of the kennel I could not wish for.

Another successor is Angiel Karmex from the first litter of American dog Artemis Paladin. I wanted to bring some new blood, a little temperament, red and quality coat. Angie is very successful at shows, it is 5 times champion and only we practice hunting training only marginally.

Time flies and we have another successor to Cassie Karmex, from a single litter after Angiel. Father is Czech Fred from Budějov cherry. Cassie inherited the great nature of her father and appearance. She is very good, obedient, she does not enjoy exhibitions, so we have not done much to them. She likes more run to the woods and look for the bunnies. Hunting instincts are very good.

Generation chart in breed

Founder Anabel x Artemis Anabel x Spitfire
1st generation Litter A Litter B
1st generation Angiel x Fred z BT Airin x Fred z BT
2nd generation Litter C Litter D
2nd generation Cassie x Fred z HS Dixi x Jaap Connie x Jaap Clare x Baldwynson Cassie x Malcolm
3rd generation Litter E Litter F Litter G Litter H Litter I
3rd generation Isha x Falcon F. SI Izabel x Falcon F. SI Gwen x Mont z HS
4th generation Litter J